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The Van Raam OPair is Shining Star for Wheelers Programs


There are several “Wheelers” programs across the United States, providing bicycle rides to adults and children who are unable to participate on their own, using the OPair. They love it, and find it to be a striking improvement over a different wheelchair transport bike that both the Portland Wheelers in Maine and the Sequim Wheelers in Washington used when they started their programs.

We recently heard from Nicole Lepping, founder of Sequim Wheelers who heralded the praises of their new OPair. Nicole commented that “many people in our community are enjoying the OPair bike to the fullest – it seems like cycling is now accessible to all, how very wonderful”.

In speaking with Doug Malcolm, Executive Director of the Portland Wheelers, about the use of the OPair in their weekly adaptive cycling program, he expounded upon the striking differences he experienced after first test riding the OPair. When asked about his initial reaction, he didn’t know where to start: the wider wheel base, and lower center of gravity makes steering more secure and safe. He also notes the reverse feature on the OPair as well and finds it very useful: it gives them the ability to take the bike all the way to the end of a fishing dock, right up to the edge, for the passenger to get the benefit of having that perspective.Doug immediately made a plea to his Board of Directors to invest in 3 new OPairs. He says it was a “no brainer” for he and the Board to do so. Doug has since ordered three more OPairs to add to his fleet and recently participated in the annual New England Parkinson’s ride with his group of adaptive cyclists.

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