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          Our goal is to encourage the awareness of the VanRaam brand of inclusive cycling in North America, and to provide a marketing platform to sell to an array of diverse customer opportunities.

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The Chat Has Arrived


The Cargo Bike we’ve all been waiting for! Developed over an 18-month period by Van Raam primarily for the Cycling Without Age programs (CWA), the Chat Rickshaw Bike will be available for Van Raam dealers to sell here in the U.S. and Canada. It features the widest seat of any of the CWA trishaws, 39 inches, and a footrest that lowers completely to the ground for easier entry and exit. The passenger box sits on two sets of springs, making the ride extremely comfortable. Electric pedal support comes standard and features the backwards pedaling “reverse gear” modality, all unique features making the Chat heads above the rest of the CWA trishaw choices for their programs.

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