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          Our goal is to encourage the awareness of the VanRaam brand of inclusive cycling in North America, and to provide a marketing platform to sell to an array of diverse customer opportunities.

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Options for Every Rider!

From a mobile app that provides your current battery status + location to foot fixations for extra support

Pedal support

Designed for optimal support and efficient power use, the unique pedal assist system was awarded the worldwide “test-winner” in Germany for 8 years in a row.

Protection screen duo bike

In times of corona it becomes difficult to keep your distance if you cycle with two people next to each other.

Protection screen rickshaw bike

The Chat rickshaw protection screen allows two people to sit next to each other, without (possibly) infecting the other.

Bikeleg cover

The leg cover is suitable for one person and keeps the passenger warm during a bike ride.


Van Raam has one type of basket that fits on the carrier of almost every Van Raam tricycle.

Double bike panniers

These double bike panniers fit on the carrier of the Van Raam bikes with 1 wheel behind .


The stickholder offers the possibility to take 2 sticks with you, excluding the Easy Sport where you can take only one stick.

Walker holder preparation

This option is a bracket for a walker holder.

Wheelchair holder

This option is a special carrier that can be mounted on the back of the Fun2Go or the Fun Train to carry a foldable push wheelchair.

Direction indicator

The indicators will be placed in the front and back of the bike and work through a button on the steering wheel.


For extra safety on the bike, a mirror can be placed on the steering wheel. This can be done on the left side and on the right side.

Backrest support

It is possible to assemble a backrest option on the standard tricycles for stability and support.

Lower leg fixation

The lower leg fixation option prevents the lower leg from falling to the left or right.

Foot fixation

With an easy two-strap ratchet system it is simple to secure the feet on the pedals.

Balance pedals

A balance pedal supports your foot so that it does not slip off the pedal while cycling. You can use the instep belt to adjust the balance pedal to the desired size.

Special Saddles + Seats

Van Raam has several different saddle + seat options available.

Gear lever

An Easy Shift option is available for someone not able to shift the gears by hand.


A retractable footplate option is available for the Fun2Go and the FunTrain.


Van Raam has several different belts that can be used on the following bikes: Easy Rider, Easy Rider Junior, Easy Sport, Easy Go, Fun2Go, FunTrain, OPair.

Rotatable seat

It is possible to make the seat rotatable for the driver and passenger on the Fun2Go or FunTrain. This option makes it easier to get on the bicycle.

Floating Pedal

A stationary crank with spring option is available to enable someone to cycle using only one leg.

Eccentric crank

For those with limitations in the knee or hip an adjusted crank option is available to enable an adapted pedaling rotation.

Crank shortener

For differing leg lengths, and or limitations in knee movement, a crank shortener option is available.

Special handles

In addition to the standard handlebars, Van Raam offers an uninterrupted steering wheel option.