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          Our goal is to encourage the awareness of the VanRaam brand of inclusive cycling in North America, and to provide a marketing platform to sell to an array of diverse customer opportunities.

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10 Reasons To Love The Chat Trishaw by VanRaam!


The Chat is a great solution for cycling together with people of all ages who are no longer able to participate independently. Ideal for care communities, families, and city ride shares!

  1. SOCIAL INTERACTION The Chat allows two passengers to enjoy a ride while getting the opportunity to interact with others!
  2. E-ASSIST support modes with starting aid/launch control.+ reverse pedaling support
  3. CWA Donation $1,000 contributed to Cycling Without Age for every Chat sold!
  4. ADJUSTABLE FOOTBOARD + DISC BRAKES Ensures a safe transfer onto the cycle + premium stopping power with hydraulic disc brakes.
  5. INDEPENDENT FRONT WHEEL 5 SUSPENSION Makes a highly comfortable ride for the pilot and passengers!
  6. SMART E-BIKE APP The smartphone app allows you to change the settings, send a SOS message, and view the current cycle data, including speed, distance + battery capacity.
  7. ADJUSTABLE CANOPY The canopy is easily removable and water resistant. It offers passengers protection from sun, rain, and wind.
  8. SPACIOUS SEATING The 100 cm wide cushioned passenger seat fits all sizes!
  9. OPTIONAL DUFFEL BLANKET Ensures a warm, cozy and comfortable ride for all passengers on a windy or chillier day!
  10. PROTECTION SCREEN A clear plexiglass barrier between the passengers which allows passengers to ride together limiting the exposure to infection.

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